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Regarding baseless balance deduction by Reliance Com.

I am using reliance no 8xxxxxxxxxx1. I recharged my phone with rs 200 top up and 53 rs special tariff voucher on the 6th of january, then with a Rs 123 data recharge on the 9th. I set out on roaming (another state) on the 9th. While on roaming, on 12th, my outgoing suddenly stopped – there was no msg, only that calls suddenly stopped connecting. I contacted the reliance customer are through instant chat – the same day – who said there are some network issues which will be resolved ‘soon’. being in interiors – i thought may be it is true. So for next 3 days I had no outgoing, altough incoming calls kept coming. On reaching back to Delhi on the 15th Jan midnight – when i tried outgoing it suddenly said ‘insufficient balance’.

On the 16th I had a long chat with reliance representative who basically said – since i dont have exact details of how much, deducted on which date etc and I am calling after more than 48 hours of balance deduction – neither can help me, nor can he register complaint (this time, aware of forthcoming troubles – i saved the chat transcript). I also spoke to a a representative ‘sxxxxxa yxxxxxv’ who said since i am complaining after 48 hours of balance deduction she cannot register my complaint and there is no provision of getting the balance back. So same day i submitted a written complaint to reliance through email. Subsequently, I have sent three reminder emails – following up on the 19th jan, 25th jan and 4th feb. The company hasnt bothered at all!.

I have following questions:
There may be cases where phone is out of network for a few days or switched off and person suddenly realises total balance gone – then how can she or he give exact date and time and how much was deducted etc details? Shouldnt company also give the details of how it deducted balance over last few days on such complaint/ If there is a time limit for customers to report within 48 hours (which in fact i did, and was told theres a network issue) – shouldnt there be a time limit on the company also to reply to complaints? And should the reliance customer care tell me that under which guideline, which rule, issued when, displayed where – customer can complain only following 2 days.

I want to take up this issue and not get tired cause reliance is expert on baseless deductions and of course in refusal to register complaints.

Arpan Tulsyan
Vaishali, New Delhi NCR 201010, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 04/02/2017 / 11:39 am

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    • RCOMcare on 05/02/2017 at 5:55 pm

    Dear Arpan,

    Kindly submit your details at this link using a PC: Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

    Reliance Communications

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