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Regarding defect in Volkswagen Polo car

I bought a brand new car polo in May 28 2015 from Apple Auto Das VOLKSWAGEN, whitefield, Bangalore and with in next 2 months its started giving starting problem in my house and i called to the road side assistance and towed to the service center and after verifying their technical person come with conclusion saying there is some air in petrol tank and its removed and it was working.

This issue repeatedly happend several times. recently one more major same incident happend while i was travelling from my native place kurnool to bangalore with my family(wife, mother and with two kids 4 years son and 20 days baby). I stopped at petrol bunk to fill the petrol and stoped the engine and after filled the petrol again i try to start however car again gave me the starting problem i have struggled to start the car several times however it dnt work out. so i sent my family to my nearest relative place.

Again i have take the road side assistance and towed to car to Apple Auto Das VOLKSWAGEN, whitefield, Bangalore. they told the they will verify the isssue and let me know the problem. Yesterday i.e. 23-Mar-2017, they called and told they found the issue. the issue is manufacture defect in electrical box.

if its manufacture defect i asked to replace the car with new one since i have have trust on this current car may be having many issues. they denied to replace and also we asked the diffuicultes we faced thru entire period. they said we are not responsible for this. Then who is the responsible for all my problems?

Seshavalli Pullipati
TC Palya, Bangalore 560016, Karnataka
Email: / 24/03/2017 / 11:17 am

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