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Regarding wrong deductions by Idea Cellular

I had been using Idea as my cellular network for past seven years now, I have never had faced such problems as I am facing now. I am listing couple of them below:

1. Whenever I recharge my net pack, immediately around 100 Mbs of data is deducted without any usage, on calling the customer support, all thee executives involving the floor supervisor kept on repeating the very same thing, that you have used the data, that is why it has been deducted, inspite of me telling them again and again they did not listen and at last disconnected the call as I lost my temper. This is so not fair with customers, must mention that exploitation has gone above the heads in this case.

2. Last night my net pack was on the verge of end, I got a message stating that these are last 10 Mbs of your data plan and you would be charged 4 paise/10kb after you reach your threshold, in the very next second i got a message saying your net pack is over and you have used 10 mbs extra and i was charged Rs. 66+ for that. I computed for 10 mbs i should be charged Rs 40.96. I immediately called up the customer care and talked to few Executives(Vipin and Rajpal), they were not able to provide the necessary information and transferred my call to Floor Supervisor(Brijesh), He said i have used 16 Mbs after my net pack ended. I kept on telling him that I have a message clearly stating that I have used 10 mbs, he said that company never forwards such messages, I told him I have always been receiving messages from Idea from that particular number. However, he disregarded my concern and told me not to repeat the same things over and over again.

I am attaching a screenshot, please have a look at the same for case proceedings.

I would request you people to take this matter with few stern steps, so that telecom companies, particularly private one’s should keep in mind before exploiting customer’s against their hard earned money.

Mohammad Hasnain
Thakurganj, Lucknow 226003, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 10/05/2016 / 12:06 pm

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