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Restaurant overcharging for bottled water

I along with my family had been to Central Peninsula Restaurant at Sion Circle, Mumbai for dinner. We had ordered Mineral Water Bottle with other order and were charged Rs. 50/- for the same.

I argued that the charge is not correct as per law and he should charge only MRP, to which he said, he can’t as they are air condition restaurants and have many expenses to be met.

I again argued that he was over charging to which he was ready to waive off the charge but not give me the bill or give me the bill of Rs. 240/- but of different customer and time with out the mineral water or the food item we had consumed and a kacha chitti of mineral water of Rs. 20/-*Which was incorrect, illegal and unacceptable.

Further the bill did not have any breakup of VAT amount charged and service tax amount charged.

Being a computerised bill it should automatically have the provision for the same. This gives them an open window to manipulate their receipts and thus loss to the local and central tax authorities.

However i paid the bill in full Rs. 290/- and decided to take up the issue of Overcharging for mineral water and wrongfully issuing the cash memo.

Please look into this issue as many consumers are being affected by this malpractice of hotels and restaurants owners.

Mehul Shah
Sion west, Mumbai 400022
IP: / 19/02/2017 / 12:44 am

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