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Retailer charging excess VAT on MRP products

This complaint is against Cobb Apparels. The retailer is charging excess VAT on net value of the apparels after discount.
Since the gross amount/MRP of the apparels are clearly written to be inclusive of all taxes (as per the price tag of the article), so after respective discount on the article, the net amount payable is obviously the final discounted price to be payable inclusive of taxes.
Then how come is he charging VAT again on the discounted amount. Moreover, he is misleading and making fool to the customers by mentioning that “VAT extra as applicable during discount period”.
Now the question is if MRP is inclusive of taxes over which the discount has been calculated, the net payable amount also comes out to be inclusive of taxes, then why is the charging of additional tax on the net discounted amount?
When we asked for the justification of the same, the dealer misbehaved with us and said it will be calculated in the same manner only, if you need you buy or you leave.
Is this type of code of conduct expected by a retail store. It was really horrible to face such an incident.
This points out to be a big fraud and cheating being carried on in the market.
I request for the urgent investigation on this matter and the culprit may be strongly punished.
I request for the strong and immediate action to be taken against such Mal practices of the dealers to the innocent customers, to teach a tough lesson to them and others dealers involved in such kind of practices.

Dipesh Garg
Panchkula 134116, Haryana
Email: / 28/02/2017 / 8:20 pm

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