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SBI not providing loan details and recording payment

1) Four months back I have taken car loan from State bank of India, A.S. Rao Nagar branch. Initially they promised me the car loan account will be linked to my main SBI account and I could see all the EMI transactions and also I can pre-pay the amount and check the remaining balance amount. So far, I cannot see the car loan account linked to my main account, I raised this Issue with SBI multiple times through phone and emails but no one is acting on it and on top of it they are ignoring my calls most of the times. No one is responding to my emails. The Issue is still pending and I want to close the loan and don’t know the remaining balance.

2) Before taking loan, they promised me I will get message on my mobile every time the EMI will be deducted and also when I pay extra amount I will get an instant message with the amount details. I raised this issue as well as I am not getting any messages but no one acting on it.

3) On February 28, 2017. I have transferred the amount to car loan account to close the loan from some other bank, but I have not received any message or mail that amount has been credited to my car loan account. I am very worried now about my money as I don’t have any confirmation and not sure if it has been credited to correct account or not. I called the bank and informed them about the Issue multiple time and sent emails to them almost every day but no one is acting on it.

Please work on the above listed issue and solve.

Naveen Kumar
Hyderabad 500006, Telangana
Email: / 03/03/2017 / 6:34 pm

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