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Tata Sky charging improperly

Instrument is under warranty Charged Rs. 325 for changing adapter. Later after several call it was informed that (Rs. 100 adapter and Rs. 200+ for visiting fee). Initially when i registered complaint no one informed about such visiting charge. Specially when my product is under waranty. I want to understand what legal action i can take for such harassment. NOw i think digital payment worst as i do not have any control. They simply deduct from account. I cannot change as it is just 3 month and i paid Rs. 2000 which is non refundable even if i m surrendering my instrument. I raised complained to another forum of tatasky and i got call from person he started asking adhar no and card no. I objected and asked to reembus in tata sky account he said no that cannot be done.

manikanthan raman
Bangalore 560077
Email: mxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com


  1. Hi Manikanthan, we are here to assist you. Kindly share your RMN/ Sub ID for further assistance.

    • Manikanthan on 29/03/2017 at 1:24 pm

    After several discussion they refunded Rs. 200 and charged for adaptor. Although I paid for adaptor service engg. Took old charger

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