Tresorie didn’t pack part of my order and refuses to own the mistake

On 25th October we visited Tresorie store in Infiniti mall malad mumbai. We bought goods worth approx 5500, we requested them to pack it in a carton because it was meant to be sent out of town.

Trusting them we picked up the package and later in the day had it sent to Calcutta.

To our surprise few items were missing.

Upon contacting the store today their manager Mr A…..l K……a said its impossible that this happened and said it can’t even be a mistake.

He insisted he or the store are sure there was no mistake because they are confident about their process. In doing so he also walked away while I was explaining my situation to him.

This service is disappointing and makes me never want it visit this store again, I’m not expecting you to tell what happened on that day, but such arrogance and treating the customer so poorly is not acceptable. I demand an explanation in writing from the company.

Dheerin Motwani
Oberoi springs, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Email: / 24/11/2013 / 6:15 pm

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