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Unable to return products to NNNOW.COM

I bought many items from NNNOW.COM, and they got delivered by 10th May. However, the product sizes are not my fit, so want to return the products. However, the status on the tracker is still showing as ‘ATTEMPT TO DELIVERY’ instead of DELIVERED, because of which I cannot place the return order.

I have called them on the customer no. they said they will update it by Monday, which was 27th May. I have mailed them many a times, since the return policy will get expire if I don’t return the product in the stipulated time. However, they are not resolving the issue.

They have a very pathetic customer service and don’t know how to resolve the issue. If there is some technical issue that should have been corrected by now since it been 20 days already. I want refund of all the products and compensation for the mental stress and time I am spending each day to get this resolved. Value of the products is around RS 5000, however now I don’t want just 5000 refund but compensation as well for all the hardship I am going through.

anamika sehrawat
Dwarka, New Delhi 110075
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com


    • Aniket Bansal on 02/11/2021 at 10:52 am

    I have ordered some items from NNOW.com
    and I want to return few of them because they are big in size for me since then no one has contacted me and I keep contacting customer care and they say that your return has rescheduled i have contacted them many time and they all say the same thing

  1. A product in the order worth ?1908 is missing . I’ve been calling the customer care past 15 days and everytime I speak to someone new they don’t know what the complain is about as the executives are not registering the complain only . I’ve spoken to almost 8-10 people in these days .This has been pure harassment . I’m willing to take serious action for as this is hard earned money and they way they are handling this is horrible .

    • Jitendra Kumar on 04/06/2023 at 1:39 pm

    Pls help me no return product munny why

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