Unauthorized service activated by Tata Docomo

Unauthorized service activated by Tata Docomo

I have been a victim of Tata docomo’s insincere and fraud service,ever since I’ve been using it.

My previous cases just went by cause i didn’t have any proof.

But this time its different. i had activated a 3G pack of 90Rs myself using main balance deduction system around two weeks ago. i received a confirmation as an sms showing the data packs validity and usage limit, which was the same which i had requested for.

2 days later when i never got either 3G speed or even the link for that matter, doubt clicked me. On checking my promo pool balance i found that i was shifted to a 2G pack without authorization.

I made a complaint.

At least thats what i thought. After listening to my complain the customers care executive put me on hold with my permission but didn’t put me back.

when i tried reaching the care unit, i found my calls were barred to the executives.

Till date problem lies as it was. They seem least interested into customers interest. but this time things will be different cause i have proof to back me up.

Prashant kumar
Gandhinagara prestige forum mall mysore, Karnataka
Email: username2004@gmail.com
IP: / February 22, 2013 / 8:22 pm

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