Videocon D2H Non delivery of HD set top box

This is Karthik from Bangalore, I want to bring to your notice about the hardship caused to me by Videcon D2H services.

On 21st February 2013-Thu morning 9.37 am I called up the customer care and asked about the exchange offer from SD to HD set top box for existing customers. They informed me to recharge my account with Rs 2590 and call back the customer care.

I recharged my account with Rs 2590 as informed by the customer care executive and called back to order HD box under exchange offer at 9.47 am on the same day. Along with this I placed order for another HD set top box under Multiroom connection option.

The customer care exective said that my order for both the set top boxes was taken note and will be completed within 24 hours and I had to pay in Cash to the person delivering the set top box Rs 2090 only for the multiroom connection and I would be getting one month free subscription of South Platinum HD along with 2 addons for both the connections Plus Rs 1000 cash back within 3 days as I would be returning back my existing SD set top box.

After an hour one of the Videocon service engineer called me and said that he can deliver only the multiroom connection set top box and not the set top box under exchange offer , he said that he had got work order from Videocon only for the multiroom connection and not for the exchange offer.

I have been reaching the customer care repeatedly to get this closed asap but it’s of no use, they are either misleading me or acting as if they don’t understand the situation.. I have spoken with senior level exectives but it’s been of no use they just give false assurance that the request will be closed within few hours but nothing happens in reality.

I request you to kindly resolve the following at the earliest :

1. HD set to box under exchange offer as committed by Videocon D2H on 21st February.

2. Provide HD set to box under Multiroom connection offer as committed by Videocon D2H on 21st February.

Following details have provided to me by Videocon D2H:

1. Complaint # on 21st Feb 2013 : 156044129

2. Second complaint # on 21st Feb 2013: 155871620

2. Work order # on 21st Feb 2013: 15661309

Customer ID 33654059

Karthik N
Raghavendra Block Srinagar Bangalore, Karnataka
IP: / February 25, 2013 / 8:28 am

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    • Videocon d2h on 26/02/2013 at 11:01 am

    Dear Karthik,

    We understand that our representatives have got in touch with you. We have taken a note that, the installation of your d2h product has been done
    We have also taken a note on your confirmation that, your product and services are now working fine.
    Please feel free to contact us in future.

    Warm Regards,
    Videocon d2h Team

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