Vodafone live got activated automatically resulting extra bill

I have been Vodafone customer for more than six years.

In my last billing cycle(around 24th and 25th October, 2013) Vodafone live got activated automatically without my request either through SMS or call or email because of this change some of the applications in my ANDROID mobile automatically got updated. Then I called to Vodafone customer care (111) and explained the incident, that time they told that sometimes it happens if SIM change happens and also promised that the Vodafone live bill would be waved off for the same.

When I received the bill(Bill no: 0073542760) dated 8th November, 2013, I was shocked to see the bill of Rs. 1135/- which includes Rs. 860/- for VF Mobile Connect. Then immediately I raised complaint for wave off, the complaint no. is 1600196554. After two days when I enquired about the status, they told me that the wave off was not possible as they said internet browse happened intentionally. They also suggested me to visit any of the nearest Vodafone stores for further help. I visited the Vodafone stores at SP Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad and Spoke to one of the associates(6789: VINUSHA GOPINGARI) on 15th November, 2013. She promised that she would get back to me by following day after consulting the Nodel Manager. I have not got any response till now.

When I call to customer care at 111 and explain the same, they ask me to wait for some time in the call so that they can handle the call to their supervisor/manager, but after 5 minutes the call gets disconnected. This happened 4 times till now.

My questions are:

1.They billed Rs.860/- only for 86 MB data. Why was Vodafone live got activated without my request/consent which resulted this extra bill?

2.As promised, why is waive off not possible?

3.Every time when I called customer care after explaining the problem they ask me to wait for some time in the line so that they can hand over the call to their supervisor but after some time the call gets disconnected. This is resulting in a lot of time and money waste for me.

4.As informed to me, why did I not get any response yet?

I sent an two days ago(11/19/2013 1:19 PM) to corporatecare.ap[at]vodafone.com to look into above mentioned issue. I got a response email saying that the request could not be processed as it was not a registered email for 9885150254. However, I would like to bring it to your notice that one my requests was processed with the reference number 636507583517 dated 3/17/2012 which was sent from same mail id. I am really upset with the Vodafone services and the customer care so I am writing to ICF to get justice. My mobile number is 9885150254 (Account No: 1.90065338)

Thirupathi Neela
NBT NAGAR, SECUNDERABAD 500003, Andhra Pradesh
Email: tirupathineela@gmail.com
Contact No. 9885150254 / 21/11/2013 / 1:18 pm


    • Somraj Dasgupta on 24/12/2013 at 4:26 pm


    I am also facing the same problem of internet usage that to two time . First time I paid the amount of around 2000, but again this time some Vodafone Tv is activated on my number. And when I called up the customer care they provide me the same response that u have got.

    • Roopashree Sukesh on 10/11/2015 at 1:28 pm

    I am facing the same issue where Vodafone has activated the internet without my consent/request and are harassing me constantly to pay Rs. 1504. No amount of explaining to the customer service executives has helped. I hope there is a meaningful redressal for this issue from the ICF.

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