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Vodafone port request not being processed

I have cleared all the Bills outstanding wid my Vodafone postpaid connection. I raised a connection PORT to Airtel which is currently not being relieved yet from Vodafone. I tried to call for 2 hours from past few days. My call was dropped today when connectd to Vodafone via their complaint #198. Looked like the person who talked was drunk and got no resolution when I asked related to when my connection gets relieved which I want to happen at the earliest as I am not satisfied wid d service from Vodafone.
Also, Please see that I will be Subject to harassment from Vodafone as after a few days again a new Bill will be generated. I am not willing to use Vodafone for a single second now. Please help me get relieved.

Sagar Ambesange
Samrat Chowk, Solapur 413002, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 07/03/2017 / 11:42 pm

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