Vodafone Post paid kolkata

I changed form Vodafone prepaid number to Vodafone postpaid number, 3 months back and have regretted my decision from day1. My 3G internet connection which used to work fine in prepaid stopped working when it became postpaid although Vodafone charged me Rs 299 every month for 3 months for 3G internet. I made around 20 to 30 complaints regarding the 3G connection but nothing was done by Vodafone to help me. Every time I called up customer care I was transferred from one operator to another without anything being done. So I asked them to stop charging me Rs 299 for 3G because they were not providing me with 3G. In the next 14 days they charged me around Rs 1400 for 2G data of volume only 0.29GB. Even that 0.29 GB I’m sure is not what I have actually used. I have already made excess payments to these cheats and I guess there is no way to teach Vodafone postpaid Kolkata a lesson. Vodafone postpaid number 9748934452.

Robin Dey
Dhakuria station road, Kolkata 700031, west bengal
Email: birladey@hotmail.com / 05/11/2013 / 7:29 pm

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