VLCC not refunding money when no service availed
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

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I have visited VLCC wellness center, Vazhuthacaud on 28th June, 2023 for knowing the package details on the wellness program. An employee ………. attended us and provided the details and package information. She requested to make a advance payment as she informed that there is an offer which will end on 30thJune, 2023. As per her advice we made an advance payment through UPI and haven’t received any invoice. I am suffering from generalized osteoarthritis which I informed the employee too. After consultation with my Dr later on he advices not to have such treatment.I informed them suddenly their attitude changed. They told some lame excuses and told we have no refund. Actually money is being debited for the services which have not been received . They haven’t informed us earlier neither anything about the refund. It’s is the customer ls wish to have a product or service. If not willing then why should we pay. They told lame excuses that the money can be credited as other services only . How can they say that that ? Then she told cluster head will contact after a week then the cluster head just saying lame excuse and after another 2 week she reported that the customer care will contact.
Is company like VLCC dining such injustice to the customers. They are just money minded. They receive only money even for the services that is not been taken by the customer. How can they provide the bill for service that have not been rendered by the customer.
Kollam 691536, Kerala
Email: nxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com

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