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Complaint regarding fake form filling work and demand for money

Some days ago i was searching for a part time job then i get a message +919xxxxx7 from this number of data entry job they said u have to fill 600 form in 1 week if u not able to submit it then u have to pay penalty they gave me id of work i …

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Complaint regarding fake form filling job offers

I opted a form filling job which I got through online mode they didn’t take any initial registration charge got me agreement signed and now they are asking to pay 7k if the accuracy has not been achieved 90% . They are waring me to take to coat and all that. It’s a Rajasthan based …

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Demand of money for fake form filling work

I took this form filling work from home job on 15th of April i was mentioned about the job details as with 85% accuracy after the submission of work will give me salary or without accuracy i have to pay them 3900 admin charges and before joining i have clearly asked whether if i wish …

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Complaint regarding form filling job fraud

I received a job offer from VNS GLOBAL solutions to complete 500 forms in 6 days. I told them I can’t complete due to some medical reasons but they said 6 days of work is compulsory. I told them I want to quit but they said that I will have to pay Rs 15,999 to …

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Complaint regarding fraud form filling job offers

On 12 January, 2022 I received a call regarding online form filling in which they told me I have to fill 600 forms and i will get weekly salary upto Rs18000. so I started the work but I could not complete the given work. So they said i have to pay 4999 to resume the …

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Complaint regarding online form filling job

I join and  this company work is form filling , and 17500 salary in 6 days. But company’s form is very tough, so I contacted to (9xxxxxxx6) this person, and  I told his ,I am not filling this form entry,and I am not interested for your work, and now his person say me , …

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Regarding Fraud online form filling job and blackmailing

I am a Student living in Kerala. Recently I applied for home based job and got form filling from a company named FUTURECHASE. They offered me to fill 600 forms for Rs.18300 with 90% accuracy and if I failed to do so then I’ll be charged Rs.6700. I sincerely submitted the work with 100% accuracy. …

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