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Complaint regarding online job fraud from Globus Infosolution

sir, Globus infosolution contacted me and offered me a project called Cosmos Porject where i have to fill 1400 forms in 10 days and they will pay me salaryand  if i dont fill the form within time or i tried to fill it wrong on purpose i ll be held liable for 6500 rs.and they …

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Complaint against textone technologies for form filling jobs

About 10 days ago I received a call from textone technologies….they offered me a work of form filling to be done in 6 days about 350-400 pages….first I agreed and they send me all the details about the work and also the work but to be honest when I realised that I haven’t got Internet …

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Complaint about form filling work

Hello, I received a call two days ago with regards to data entry job I applied on quikr. The company goes by the name noble bright solutions. Idk if it is real or fake. I have to fill 700 forms in 7 days and if there are more than 70 forms wrong they won’t pay …

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Form filling job offer from invesistechnology

I have got an unethical email from invesistechnology for form filling. They are threatening me to sue in court. As I haven’t completed 700 forms in 6 days. They said I have signed aggreement but as per my knowledge no company can forced employee to complete any task in 6 days. They can remove the …

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Complaint regarding form filling fraud job offer

This company called me and said that I have to work for 7 days and ill get 14000 rs and if i fail to work ill have to pay 4700 i thought its a genuine company so i took the opportunity and worked after 7 days they rejected my work and demanded 4700 rs and …

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Complaint regarding Online form filling job

DRL SOLUTION, located at G-503 Nebula arcade Nr. Old High School Vapi Gujarat calls me for job entry offer for filing 1200 forms with right percentage of 90% failing which i have to pay registration charges of 6700. They have taken my aadhar copy and other contact details. Sir please help me. I don’t know …

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Complaint regarding data form filling

3 days back i got the call from the data form filling and i have agreed the work when i have searched about that i come to that a fack job now i have completed 600 forms everyone is saying that they will misslead us and i want an solution for my problem i have …

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