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Complaint regarding poor services from Akash Ganga Couriers

Hello Firm name :-DURGA TEXTILE Behavior of delivery boy sonu at Akash Ganga Courier is very arrogant and rudely and not delivering the courier at time. He say you are not given to  courier my co then why should we deliver couriers at you. He’s not picking phone at time.. My couriers has been received …

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Complaint regarding non-delivery of PAN by couriers

My pan card got dispatched on 4 April 2022 through Velex Logistics PVT LTD. AWB : 53318846389 But i haven’t been contacted yet. When I tracked it on their web site, it is showing out for delivery on 12th April 2022. I haven’t got any call from velex logistics. The contact number provided by the …

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Complaint regarding luggage booked through DTDC Cargo

Courier luggage went missing. Value: 30000. I did booking through dtdc cargo packers and movers on 7th Jan 2022.They haven’t delivered my luggage till now. They took the payment from me post that no one responds properly to me .And my luggage went missing because of fraud of this company. Manjari Singh Gautam Buddha N …

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Complaint regarding poor service from DTDC

I had booked a packet through DTDC on 14.2.2022,was promised to get it delivered by 16.2.2022. But it returned back to the franchisee office with a note on the packet “not pick the phone 12:20 pm, 25.2.22”. Till then I had no idea of its delivery or return.On 26th,when enquired I got to know that …

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Full shipment not received at destination, no customer support

This is regarding a shipment from Vadodara to Bhavnagar. Initially, it took 2 days to pickup. And when it reached destination, part of product was missing on destination. The shipment was a big box along with a bag attached to it. But, on delivery, the bag was missing, which is an important part of my …

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Fedex India denying my Claim for Delivering damaged Goods

I received my package in Broken condition. It was a camera cage/cover that was broken, including its box and bubble wrap. Now, I filed a claim with fedex stating all the facts and proofs, but fedex finally denied my claim stating the outer box was not broken. To mention here, there was no outer box …

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Parcel has been misplaced, lost by DTDC

We have sent a consignment from Chennai to Bhillwara(Rajasthan) on October 9 2021 but the consignment has not been received at Bhillwara and has been stuck somewhere in Delhi. It’s been a month since we got any response from DTDC. We have been calling them multiple times but in vain. Hence, I would kindly request …

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