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Basic – Free of cost service:

All the complaints posted with us, if found suitable, are processed for initial assessment without any charges.

Paid Service:

However, there are instances where a consumer would require us to pursue the complaint with opp party and such cases would require our special attention. A consumer may want some advice from us or want us to handle the complaint with the opposite party on his/her behalf or seek our guidance in handling a claim or filing a case in the consumer courts. In these cases, we do our best to help on merits basis, and the consumer would be required to pay a nominal charge for this extra service.

What our paid service include:

1. Provide our initial views on the merits of the case.

2. Depending upon the merits of the case we shall present your complaint to the opposite party (only through email). If email id is not available we will provide necessary guidance to the customer.

3. If no response is received from the opposite party to our email then we will follow it up the with the party.

4. If any response is received then we will deal with it suitably which will be in the nature of either clarification mail to opposite party or guidance to the customer.

5. If customer desires to initiate a case in the Consumer Court, we shall provide guidance(only through email) in filing the complaint.

What our service does not include:

1. No legal assistance.

2. Our views are not legal views but are based on our own experience in handling such consumer disputes.

3. While we make a reasonable assessment of the case, we do not however assure success as this is dependent on the merits / demerits of the case.

This is not suitable for complaints pertaining to government departments or services, mobile recharge complaint, mobile balance deduction complaint, network complaint or similar and other non-cognizable nature.

Our charges range between Rs.100/- to Rs.1500/-. For cancellation of services, please send email to us within 24 hours of payment or before commencement of our service, whichever is earlier. Refund will be processed after deduction administrative charges of Rs.100/- or 25%, whichever is higher. Refund will be processed only after the charges are received in our account from the PG.

Please also read our terms of use and privacy policy before posting a complaint.

Hello Consumers!

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