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Are shopping malls charging for carry bags? What is the remedy

We have been observing that some shopping malls charge for plastic carry bags on the pretext of the old practice based on Govt rules for plastic waste management. As per Rule 10 of The Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011, no carry bags shall be made available free of cost by retailers to consumers. …

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How to handle your insurance complaints

If you have a grievance, approach the grievance cell of the insurance company first. If you are not happy with their solution, you can escalate the matter to IRDAI. If you are unhappy with your insurance company: >Approach the Grievance Redressal Officer of its branch or any other office that you deal with. Click here for …

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Employees can approach Consumer Forum for disputes relating to payment of Gratuity

Mr. A was an employee of a private company. He retired after serving 37 years and was eligible for Gratuity in the sum of Rs.1,82,457/-. The amount should have been paid within a month of retirement. But the employer did not pay the gratuity amount within the time. Instead of paying the whole amount within …

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Beware of fake job offers from unscrupulous job portals

There has been a sudden spurt in the complaints against a particular job portal. All the complaints pertain to money collected but no service provided. Complaints also relate to money collected by unfair means without disclosing the full costs involved. The modes operandi adopted by this portal is definitely questionable. First the portal approaches the …

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Proposed amendments to Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India has proposed amendments to the existing Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Following are the important proposed amendments that would benefit the Complainants. 1.  It is proposed to introduce a new sub-clause (va) in 2(1)(c). The provision is intended to protect the consumers who are placed in an unequal bargaining capacity. …

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Consumers can now file telecom complaints in District Consumer Forum

There has been a spate of complaints against telecom companies in the various District Consumer Fora however many consumer complainants had their complaints dismissed as District Consumer Fora invariably takes the stand that consumer disputes involving telecommunication and mobile communications services do not fall under Consumer Protection Act, 1986 due to the Supreme Court ruling …

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How to enforce the Consumer Court’s order

Section 25 of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (as amended by Consumer Protection (Am.) Act 2002) provides for enforcement of orders of the District Forum, the State Commission or the National Commission. As per the section, where an interim order made under this Act is not complied with, the District Forum or the State Commission or …

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