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Complaint regarding loan availed from Payme India

Due to some financial issue i was unable to pay from last 3 months, i informed their team that i will pay in some days but then too was getting freq. calls(say 7-8 time per day) hence i stopped responding. Payme India Team Person 90xxxx9 hacked and dropped msgs to all my contacts due to …

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Complaint regarding online fraud from instant loan application

There are some illegal loan application that are active nhi google play store who are continuosly harrasing the people by capaturing their personal data and information they have access your contact and start defaming you by using foul language and giving mental harrasment It is very important for government to take some illegal action against …

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Unwanted unsolicited calls from banks for loans

It is really becoming difficult to manage the unwanted calls from all the banks, whether interested in taking loan from us. Sometimes, it goes beyond our patience and lose out temper on them. When we have not applied for any loan then they should not call us and keep bothering us like this. There will …

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Complaint regarding home loan transfer offer from ICICI Bank

On 03-July-2021, I received a call from ICICI Bank, about the transferring my current home loan from LIC HF to ICICI. I was on a look out for better Rate & a Top up, so I have uploaded all the required documents and filled up the details as required online, I even got a letter …

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Unknown Loan linked to my CIBIL Report, by Kotak Mahindra Bank

With reference to the captioned subject, I hereby wish to draw your kind attention, towards the discrepancy observed in my CIBIL report, pertaining to the unknown loan accounts, linked by Kotak bank. Loan Accounts have been recently tagged to my CIBIL report, which does not belong to me, and I have not availed any loan …

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Complaint regarding NOC denial by Zest Money

I have cleared dues for couple of consumer loans approx three months back which i took from a pvt company name Zest money. Due to pandemic i was not able to pay, so it left a bad impact on cibil, I cleared dues requested for an NOC i also mentioned loan account no which was …

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Regarding foreclosure charges by hdfc bank on car loan

Charged while forclosure of loan amount on vehicle loan. Value: difference 6151.82rs. I took loan from hdfc bank for purchasing a car and that car is stolen on 10th september 2021 while i went collect the forclosure  letter for doing claim process i saw that 7.08%  prepayment charge was mentioned in forclosure letter however when …

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