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Complaint regarding empty package of Lays chips

Empty packet of LAYS chips. Value: 10 rs I bought two packets of lays masala flavour chips worth 20 rupees each which came with a scheme of a free packet of lays american chips, which I found out on opening, that packet is empty inside. I still have one more packet which has only air …

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Complaint regarding refund from Sunday Mattress

Sunday Mattress does not refund the amount even within 20 days of the trial. The size was quite small. This was a complete fail from Sunday Mattress. Yet no response to messages or emails once purchased. Tons of marketing calls pre-purchase and zero calls post-purchase. Not even a replacement for the size error. Very disappointing …

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Regarding defective bag from Samsonite

Unfortunately, the bag’s quality issue has inconvenienced me significantly and also led to screen crack of my Ipad. I’ve attached images of the bag. Considering the circumstances, I  request your support in processing a refund for this purchase  27,000INR. I have already deposited the bag with Samsonite, and they have asked me to choose another …

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Complaint regarding refund from idaynt company

I invested 3540 in idaynt company to get interior leads. I paid on their trust that they are not a fraud company but after 4 months also the company was not capable for providing me the lead. When I asked for the refund they promised me that they will refund but then they avoided me …

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Complaint regarding delivery of defective bed

I ordered a customised bed from offline bed store in Ranchi with full payment. After a week they delivered the bed but it had lots of faults. All the faults were addressed to seller and they promised to fix those within a week. Its been more than 6 months now and everytime they give some …

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Complaint regarding services for Robotouch massage chair

I I had raised a complaint regarding the massage chair to Robotouch on 2nd July 2023. The concern is the massage chair cushion is torn and the model of the chair is Arena. I have been in constant touch with the customer service but they are not taking the issue seriously. I have even informed …

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Regarding extra charges for Nandini milk and curd

Nandini franchise in Mudhol charging extra for milk and curd. Value: Notapplicable Its absolutely crime to sell Nandini milk which is intended to cater low and middle class people.. but some franchises choose to loot people in a unethical way.. by charging 1 rs for every single milk and curd packet .. KMF and Nandini …

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