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Complaint regarding data entry fraud and demand for money

Recently i got call from from a girl she claimed that she is from vedanta corporation .She said me that we are giving work from home job ,she said you have to submit 800 form in 17 days with the accuracy of 90 percent. she will pay me 30 rupees per form in one week …

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Complaint regarding fraud job offers and demand for money

Based on similar fraud. Hello guys , i have been got scamed by these similar form filling jobs , dont get panic when they call and threaten you , and dont pay a penny to these losers, they wont do nothing to you , all they do is threaten you from different numbers calling themselves …

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Complaint against info technology offers data entry jobs

They did froud with me. 1st she said u have no need to pay registration fee u just work for 5 days and fill 500 forms. They signed a contract in which they mentioned u have to fill 500 forms in 5 days with 90 % accuracy I did my work with full hard work …

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Regarding fake online typing job and money scam

Fraudulent by online part time job. Money scam Recently I was searching for online part time job for students and got call from this “Data enterprises pvt ltd” for typing job of 10 days! On my salary day they asked me to pay 3700 for noc and I asked them why? They told for procedure …

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Complaint regarding fake data entry job online

Complaint against info technology. Value: 7100 I found a data entry job online. He told me that this job is free. And I have to fill 500 forms in 5 days. And if not filled then I will have to pay Rs 7100 to them. He has also got me to sign the agreement. But …

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Complaint regarding fake job offers

A guy has approached me from eEmployment.co.in for a job offer at big indian and international Investments bank. However, he refused to share the job description on email or tell it verbally  unless i pay a registration fee of Rs.4000 which i did not pay. He informed me that he has got my resume and …

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Complaint regarding fake interview alerts, no refund of fees

Hr of Omasy Research contacted me in month of august and connect me with her senior(unknown) she promised me for 7 days of pharmaco vigilance crash course and made commitment of organizing interviews . they ask me to pay 10,000 rs for this, i believe and paid the sum in two installments. they only provide …

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