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Complaints Resolved

Here are some of the complaints solved by us. There could many more that have not been reported to us. We request consumer members to report to us whenever a complaint is resolved.

Refund from Palm Exotica – Rs.7,432/- :  Mr. Ramkumar Kaleeswaran of Hyderabad, Telangana 500 084 stayed at Palm Exotica resorts on 20th May 2022 and checked out on 21st. Since he paid for two days but checked out within 1 day, he was to receive a refund from them of Rs. 7432/-. He did not receive refund despite several calls to them and email to them. He posted his complaint with ICF on 28-11-2022 and the matter was taken up with the opposite party for refund. Finally Mr. Ramkumar received refund on or about 14-12-2022.

Hyderabad, Telangana 500 084

Wrong charges by SBI Card – Rs.26,362/- :  Mr. Nagamanoj of Kaggadasapura, Bangalore 560093, Karnataka had converted the entire outstanding on his sbicard credit card to restructuring in the month of Sept 2020. Thereafter he paid full EMI through Nach debit for 24 months as per the restructuring letter issued by SBI Card. Despite making full payment through EMI, in September 2022 he again received a statement showing an outstanding of 20277.75 INR. Mr. Nagamanoj contacted customer support and nodal officer but his issue was not resolved. He posted his complaint with ICF on 14-10-2022. ICF guided him on further steps and also took up the matter with SBI Card. The matter was resolved by 15-12-2022 and the customer got a refund of Rs.1,600/-.

Karnataka, Bangalore

Delivery of Motorola phone – Rs.15999/- :  Mr. Charan Hemanth kumar of Bangalore 560064, Karnataka ordered Motorola mobile “moto g71 5g” from the website “” on 23rd September 2022 and it was supposed to be delivered by 27th September 2022. However, even after a week the phone was not delivered and the customer approached ICF on 01-10-2022. The matter was taken up with the company and the customer got delivery on 03-10-2022.

Bangalore 560064, Karnataka

Refund from Adidas – Rs.5099/- :  Mr. Amrit Hans of Khunti 835210, Jharkhand ordered one men hoodie from on Addidas portal on 30/09/2022. He used debit card for paying but the payment failed first time though the money was debited from his account. He tried second time and again the amount got debited but customer received payment failed error message. Thus there was a double debit from his account though no order got placed.  Customer mailed to the company to no avail. Customer posted his complaint with ICF on 02-10-2022 and the matter was taken up with the company. Customer got his money back on 05-10-2022.

Khunti 835210, Jharkhand

Refund from Travolook – Rs.12,882/- :  Mrs. Gurpreet Chaudhary of Thane 400601, Maharashtra booked an air ticket through Travolook for Mumbi to Amritsar on 2nd Feb 2022, but it was cancelled due to price expiration. The customer was told that he will get refund with 15 working days but did not get refund. He contacted them several time through calls and emails but to no avail. Mrs. Chaudhary posted her complaint with ICF on 24-05-2022 and the matter was taken up with Travolook. The customer got her refund on or about 31-05-2022.

Thane 400601, Maharashtra

Refund from Perfect Value online store – Rs.8,950/- :  Mr. Varshil Shah of Ahmedabad 380059, Gujarat placed some orders with Perfect-Value online store. Out of 5 products he received only one that too was damaged. Customer wrote to the company for redressing his grievance but there was no reply from them. Mr. Shah posted his complaint with ICF on 18-10-2021 and the matter was taken up with the company. Customer got his refund by 7/11/2021.

Ahmedabad 380059, Gujarat

Refund from Fossil – Rs.2097/- :  Vijeta Hegde of Bangalore, Karnataka,560097 purchased an item from Fossil India website (online) on July 22nd 2021 and the item was delivered to her on July 25th 2021. The Since the item was not matching her expectation, she raised a return request with the company on July 25th 2021 and after repeated follow ups with Fossil India , the item was picked up on 9th Aug 2021 and it reached Fossil India warehouse on 11th Aug 2021. However, customer did not receive refund until she approached ICF on 31-08-2021. ICF approached the company for resolution and the customer finally got refund on or about 08-09-2021

Bangalore, Karnataka 560097

Refund from Travolook – Rs.3,279/- :  Mr. Animesh Patnaik of Raipur 492001, Chattisgarh booked a flight ticket from Prayagraj to Bhubaneshwar (Indigo Airlines) on 9th Aug, 2021 from website  Travolook said that the ticket got cancelled and the amount will be credited in 7-10 days. However, even after 12 days the customer did not receive refund. Mr. Animesh posted his complaint with ICF on 25-08-2021 and the  matter was taken up with Travolook. The customer received refund by 7/9 and the matter was resolved.

Raipur 492001, Chattisgarh

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