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Complaints Resolved

Here are some of the complaints solved by us. There could many more that have not been reported to us. We request consumer members to report to us whenever a complaint is resolved.

Refund from Travolook – Rs.4,931/-:  Mr. Alpeshkumar Gohil of Nani Rajasthali, Gujarat 364270 booked flight tickets on portal Travolook on 23-03-3021. However, the ticket got cancelled due to fare expiration and the customer was told that the refund would be soon. However, customer did not get refund and he posted his complaint with ICF on 14-04-2021. The matter was taken up with Travolook and customer finally got his refund by 20-04-2021.

Nani Rajasthali, Gujarat 364270

Refund from Swiggy for non-delivery – Rs.477/-:  Mr. Uttam Shah of Borivali (west), Mumbai 400092 placed order for food from Kiku’s restaurant, Borivali west through Swiggy on 31.01.21 @7.47 pm.  The bill of Rs. 477/- was paid through credit card. The food parcel was not delivered and on enquiry with restaurant, the customer was told that the food was already picked up. On Swiggy all also initially it was showing that the delivery person was on the way but after sometime that also stopped. The restaurant people also tried to contact delivery person / Swiggy but couldn’t. The customer kept on sending messages on cell number given but no response for days together. The customer also sent email on 01.02.21 informing about non delivery of food and requested them to refund ?477/- paid for the order to them, but Swiggy did not bother to reply. The customer posted his complaint with ICF on 07-03-2021 and the matter was taken up with Swiggy. After follow-ups and escalation the customer got his refund on 15-03-2021.

Borivali (west), Mumbai 400092

Refund from Travolook – Rs.11,281/-: Mr. Kamlesh Bajaj of Gandhidham, Gujarat 370240 booked tickets for the journey from Kanpur to Delhi on 24th Jan, from Delhi to Ahmedabad on 26th Jan, and from Ahmedabad to Kandla on 26th Jan, 2021 through Travolook, paying total amount of Rs.11,281.50. The customer was informed by Travolook that the above transactions were cancelled due to fare expiration and that the refund will be credited to his account within 7 to 10 working days.  The customer repeatedly sent them the request by email to refund the amount but there was no response. The customer posted his complaint with ICF on 25-02-2021 and the matter was taken up with Travolook. After follow-ups, the customer got refund by 02-03-2021.

Gandhidham, Gujarat 37024

Refund from GoIbibo – Rs.50,670/- :  Mrs. Abha Sahu of Bangalore, Karnataka, 560037 had booked flight tickets on GoIbibo for travel on Air Asia flight during lockdown period. However, the flight was cancelled due to lockdown and the customer was experiencing difficulty in getting refund. Customer approached us on 24-04-2020  and the matter was taken up with the respective parties. Sincere there was no action from Go Ibibo / Air Asia, the matter was followed up based on the Supreme Court decision for refunds. The matter was resolved and the customer got refund with nominal deduction towards convenience fee.

Bangalore, Karnataka 560037

Refund from Travolook – Rs.29,775/- :  Mr. Arpit Makwana of Thane, Maharashtra tried to book tickets on the portal Travolook however the booking got cancelled due to fare expiration. Customer wrote to the portal for refund however did not receive the same. Customer approached ICF on 15-01-2021 and the matter was taken up with Travolook. Finally customer got refund by 03-02-2021.

Thane, Maharashtra 401107

Refund from Makemytrip – Rs.6,865/- :  Mrs. Rita Dweltz of Kolkata 700099, West Bengal booked 2 air tickets through Make My Trip on Spicejet and AirAsia flights for 01-04-2020 and 07-04-2020. Due to the pandemic lockdown both flights got cancelled and therefore the customer put in a refund request on the MakeMyTrip portal. However, even after repeated follow-ups customer did not get refund. She posted her complaint with ICF on 23-12-2020 and the matter was taken up with the parties concerned and the matter was resolved by 04-02-2021.

Kolkata 700099, West Bengal

Refund from Nutrabay – Rs.5,235/-:  Mr. Midhun Jyothis of Mangaluru 575007, Karnataka purchased Super Mass Gainer powder from Nutrabay on 16-01-2021. Customer was not satisfied with the quality and taste of the product received by him and reported the same to Nutrabay with a request for refund. Since he did not get refund he posted his complaint with ICF on 21-01-2021 and the matter was taken up with Nutrabay and the distributor. After follow-ups, customer got refund on or around 09-02-2021.

Mangaluru 575007, Karnataka

Refund from Travolook – Rs.2,175/-:  Mr. Shabir Ahmed Ahmed of Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir had tried to book flight tickets on Travolook 12-11-2020 however the tickets were not booked due to fare expiration. The customer did not get refund and he posted his complaint with ICF on 30-01-2021. The matter was taken up with Travolook and after follow-ups customer got his refund by 9-2-2021.

Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir

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