Complaints Resolved

Here are some of the complaints solved by us. There could many more that have not been reported to us. We request consumer members to report to us whenever a complaint is resolved.

Refund from fake job site – Rs.2999/-:  Mrs. Bhanu Araballi of Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040, Karnataka paid money to Indeed job site for a job in TCS for the post of Assistant Manager Content Management. However, the job site did not provide any service and collected more money from the customer. Mrs. Bhanu Araballi submitted her complaint with ICF on 03-10-2019 and ICF guided her on various steps to recover money. 

Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040, Karnataka

Products from Asian Paints, repairs Rs.1,98,000/- :  Mr. Anoop Singh Slathia of Jammu & Kashmir had purchased adhesive chemical from Asian Paints dealer on various dates for laying wall tiles. Customer says that within three months of laying the tiles by using the chemical adhesive, tiles started falling off the walls and this also caused damage to glass on the table. Based on customer’s complaint, Asian Paints had deputed their representative on 4th June 2019 to inspect the site and had opined that there could be some problem with the chemical as it could be seen that chemical was sticking on wall but the tiles have fallen off. Based on the representatives report, Asian Paints had offered chemical bags but denied to reimburse other costs. Customer submitted his complaint with ICF on 03-07-2019 for reimbursement of costs and the matter was taken up with the company. After further inspections, the issue was resolved by Asian Paints to the satisfaction of the customer.

Jammu, J&K - 180001

Repair work by Asian Paints for faulty product:  Mr. Anoop Slathia of Jammu purchased adhesive chemical purchased from Asian Paints dealers for laying wall tiles. Mr. Slathia complained that within three months of laying the tiles by using the chemical adhesive, tiles started falling off the walls and this also caused damage to a glass on the table. Customer had approached the company who deputed their engineer to inspect the product and damages but did not offer any resolution. Mr. Slathia posted his complaint with ICF on 03-07-2019 and the matter was taken up with the company. After guidance and follow-ups with the company, the matter got resolved to the satisfaction of the customer as the company arranged to redo laying of tiles at their cost.

Anoop Singh Slathia, Jammu, J&K

Refund from Go Ibibo – Rs.54,394/- : Mr. Paresh Sawant of Ponda, Goa on 14-05-2019 did flight bookings through Go Ibibo portal for his international journey. Customer says that he received a booking confirmation from Go Ibibo and based on this return ticket, customer had made visa and other arrangement for his international travel.  The customer was however shocked to know from Go Ibibo on 27th May that the above booking has been cancelled and the refund has been initiated. Since customer never asked for cancellation and the cancellation has been done arbitrarily by Go Ibibo, the customer wanted the difference of the amount that was incurred by him in making alternate bookings. Mr. Sawant posted his complaint with ICF on 03-06-2019 and ICF guided Mr. Sawant and also took up the matter with Go Ibibo. After follow-ups with the portal, customer got the difference fare amount by 17-08-2019.

Mr. Paresh Sawant, Ponda, Goa

Refund from Safal Teachers institute – Rs.3000/-:  Ms. Namrata Gorava, Mumbai, Maharashtra had paid Rs.3000/- for a course but she did not attend the same and she wanted refund. She requested the institute for refund but did not get any response. Ms. Gorava posted her complaint with ICF on 11-07-2019 and the matter was taken up with the institute. After further follow-ups and guidance to the customer, Ms. Namrata got her refund by around 17-07-2019.

Ms. Namrata Gorava, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Refund from Suitslabel – Rs.990/-: Ms Dilna D, Trivandrum had placed an order for designer kurtis on Suitslabel 06-04-2019 against cash on delivery. Customer received a different product and not the same as shown in the portal and ordered by her.  She emailed to them about the discrepancy but there was no response. Customer poster her complaint with ICF on 14-04-2019 and the matter was taken up with the parties concerned and finally the customer got refund of her money by 23-06-2019.

Ms Dilna D, Trivandrum

Replacement of Toshiba laptop battery: Mr. S M Bakshi of Belagavi 590006, Karnataka bought a laptop battery (compatible, not original) for his Toshiba Laptop on 19 March 2017 from Expression Marketing and Services. It was bought on Ebay shopping portal and carried two years warranty. The battery worked well for six months after which it stopped working. On contacting the owner of the dealer, the customer was told to send it by courier and received another battery after some days.  The replacement battery too worked for only four months after which the customer sent it for replacement.  After this there was no support from the dealer / seller. Customer posted his complaint with ICF on 05-05-2019 and ICF guided the customer on the future steps. Customer finally got his replacement battery in good working condition on 24-05-2019.

S M Bakshi, Belagavi 590006, Karnataka

Credit from Home Center – Rs.61,375/- : Mr. Kamal Shivali of Mumbai purchased a sofa cum bed from Home Centre, Viviana mall, Thane outlet on 8th jan 2019. After few days of usage, the customer started facing problems with the sofa and had registered a complaint with the shop on 16-01-2019. After the initial inspection on 21-01-2019, no action was taken to remedy the issue despite customer’s personal visit to the store. Customer posted the complaint at ICF on 05-02-2019 and the matter was taken up with Home Store. After further follow-ups, customer got credit note for the value and the issue got resolved by 18-03-2019.

Kamal Shivali, MUMBAI


If you have a complaint then please use our Complaint Form to submit the same. You can post Complaints by clicking here.

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