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Complaint regarding abusive Ola driver and no support from Ola

This is regarding the ride I took on 6th March, 2021 with Ola. . After the ride was completed, the driver collected payment from me through Google pay saying I won’t be able to pay through Ola App again. But I received notification from ola that I need to clear my dues if I want …

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Serious complaint regarding Uber Cab driver behaviour

This is regarding a serious complaint against Uber cab driver Nxxxxxxxr (Cab no : 3232)The Driver acted rude while picking us up and then before reaching the destination he asked us to get out. Problem is my mom was with me on this ride. She is having Myasthania Gravis which I’m sure you have not …

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Complaint regarding no refund, or email reply from zoom car

I made a booking on zoomcar on 14/12/2020 and the trip ended on 16/12/2020. According to the policy the refund amount of Rs. 2999/- sould be refunded within 30 days but its been 39 days, I have mailed at customer support 8 times and have not received any response from other side. Please help me! …

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Complaint regarding refund from Zoomcar

I had a booking with zoomcar for a single day ( about 12 hrs) on 2 November 2020.  Trusting on Zoomcar’s past reputation and my past experience, I paid them the security deposit of Rs. 4499 believing that they would refund it back on time. According to their new refund policy, it takes them 30 …

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Wrong toll charges taken by OLA

I booked a Ola cab on 29.10.2020 for pickup from Jaitpur part2 (as per my resident address ) to New Delhi railway station, as per amount 448/-. but after reached the destination, 616/- charged by OLA . When I saw my bill on the Ola app, it had a toll tax add 03 times, which …

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Complaint against Zoomcar for refund

I made a booking from zoom car on 25/08/2020 and the trip ended on 26/08/2020. They have to pay me back a refund of ?2393/- which they have done it’s been 37 days still no one is responding and they’re not paying me back. Refund of 2393 cheated by Zoom car Akash V Bangalore 560073, …

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Complaint regarding non-receipt of refund from Zoomcar

This is to bring your kind attention that I tried booking a car in zoomcar app on 7th May 2020 and due to technical issue the booking was not completed. I tried reaching zoomcar customer care but due to Covid-19 lockdown I was unable to connect. However, I managed to connect with Zoomcar team (Rxxxxh …

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