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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

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Financial fraud with Telegram channels in investment

First time I meet with the fraud incident with the heavy amount on telegram @Rahulv008bot\ @Sheela001bot and task added me in group for the task which is to subcribe the channel with the 2600. Later she told me to deposit with small amount in task which is sent me link https[:]// will get 15% to …

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Complaint regarding Telegram trading channel banknifty

Fraud trading channel. Value: 50000 The telegram channel named boss of banknifty an Gujarati run to be professional trader and promises people of investing money to him and returning back..but never responds after getting the money https:[//[ Basheer Pallavan salai, Chennai 6000011 Email:

Regarding money lost through Telegram channel for agency jobs

Scam with me through telegram channel. Value: 55255 I have received message from telegram for work with skyscanner agent sit from home we will proveid you commission, and ask me to deposit amount 10k after deposit they freez my working account then ask me deposit 45255 again than I deposit they ask me again your …

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Complaint regarding Gadget shop on Telegram channel

Recently I came across this page in telegram which is called Gadget shop which has so many subscribers and the admin of this page is @BhaiGaneshOfficial1 who is manipulating and making people believe in his proofs that he lost in his channel. I purchased a phone from him intiatially he said it was 2000 after …

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Complaint regarding investment scam on telegram channel

Telegram bitcoin scammed. Value: 10000 Sir, 2/11/23 one group asked me to invest 3000 again force me to invest 7000 as a final payment and again he askd me to deposit 10000 so I stopped and ask him for a refund but he said ur money will be lost if u will not make the …

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Complaint against @ Saurabh Carder in Telegram

Usually, I don’t trust online purchasing, but after seeing his positive reviews and feedback from other customers which he use to post on his Telegram channel named (Offer Zone). I ordered a product and i have paid an initial Rs. 500/- later after some time he sent me a screen recorder of the order which …

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Regarding scam by telegram Amazon Flipkart gift card channel

Telegram scam. Value: 9390 Yesterday I got scammed by a person named kishan_custom running a channel called carder Amazon Flipkart gift card and Mumbai Delhi custom official. I paid 3250+3250+2890 for hp laptop. Since I’m from a middle class family i couldn’t afford a brand new laptop. I wanted it for educational purposes. Please help …

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