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Complaint regarding cash deposit in SBI deposit machine

Cash deposit machine cash stuck. Value: 70500. I deposited cash by SBI Cash deposit mechine  70500  rupees but it was  stucked in mechine. Still not credited in account. Kindly refund. As soon as possible. Srinivas Gaddam HYDERABAD 500007,  Telangana Email: gxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com

Unauthorised debit from my account to Investment intermedi

Kindly help me to my  recover money back from Investment Intermedi. Because many times Rs.295/-has been debited from my account saying that transferred to Investment Intermedi and it is really not the permission from me. How can a bank transfer money to an another account with out the permission of an account holder. It is …

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Unauthorised withdrawal from SBI account and mobikwik wallet

A cyber crook named Dxxxxxh Gxxxxxxa robbed Rs 24000.00 from my sbi card no xxxx7212 and mobikwik wallet on 18/05/2019. He fraudulently transferred 10000 ? to Utter Kxxxxr Bxxxxxx’s sbi account no 33xxxxxxxxx7 and 13000 ? to Jxxxxxn Sxxxx’s Allahabad Bank account no 50xxxxxxxx3  Bxxxxh withdrew the amount from the ATM located at Panbari, Assam. …

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Complaint regarding investment intermedi from bank account

Fund deducted from my account without my knowledge. An amount of rs.295 was deducted from my savings account of Sbi bank today morning without my permission and knowledge to Investment Intermedi. I request you to please stop the further deductions from it and want to refund my amount back into my account as early as …

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Harassment of Senior Citizen and Ex-serviceman widow by bank

SBI Branch has put a hold of INR 3.12 Lac on savings account of a senior citizen and widow on an ex-Army officer (A/C 200********3) since 04 Dec 2018 and has not provided details on reason for hold in spite of repeated personal visits and emails. We were informed this is possibly due to pension …

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Complaint regarding money transfer to SBI through PAYTM

On 23 January 2019, I sent Rs. 2000 thru Paytm upi to my Dad’s VPA which is linked to his SBI account. This txn remained successful but amount didn’t get credited to beneficiary account I. e sbi account. Amount got deducted from my PNB account but didn’t get credited to beneficiary account. I contacted Paytm. …

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My SBI reward points not getting credited

Sir m not getting my points in my state bank rewards app even after making so much of call to them..writing mails to them…I have not got my full points..I have made so many online transaction after 30 Dec2018 I have not received a single point for that even though I am eligible and before …

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