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Complaint regarding IFB washing machine service delay

I had raised a request for service of washing machine TL SDR 6.5 Kg Aqua Top Load on 22/02/2016 and under two year warranty service upto 22/02/2018. One Mr. Gxxxx Nxxxxx had visited our home on 11/11/2017 to repair the same and informed that the panel is not working and cannot be covered under warranty and we have to pay Rs. 4500/- to get it repaired. We requested to wait for a day to confirm the same and informed him the next day that he may go ahead and repair the same and we will pay the amount. He informed us that he will solve it within 4-5 days and that the later also confirmed that the order has been placed. After that we waited for over a week and he kept on promising that he will get it fixed soon and at one point we had also delayed my wives joining of job for this issue.

On 20th, the moment we realized the customer service executive is avoiding our calls, we decided to lodge our complaint in ifb portal. We called them to their local branch office at red hills and spoke with one Mr. Pxxxx and I was informed that since the complaint is lodged with their head office, the branch office cannot resolve the issue.

I called back to their head office to their number 180030005678 and informed them about their proceedings to Mr. Rxxxxxx who informed that we will look into it and resolve but failed to give a solution. They also mentioned that the issue had already been closed prior. I asked him that the issue was never resolved and how could they close it without our knowledge. They informed the same will be resolved and not to worry.

After this I dropped them an official mail dated 20/11/2017 and informed them the issue in detail to their mail id ifbcrm[@] I got a reply mail on 21/11/2017 stating that the complaint has been escalated and the local branch office will get it attended. The mail was vague without any assurances whatsoever keeping the customer in the dark about the status or as to when it will get resolved. I waited and called them back but surprisingly I was unable to call from my number as if my number was blocked purposefully. Again I dropped the mail informing them my concern and if it does not get resolved I will go to consumer court. Yet still no calls or updates.
It is with great regret I post this message believing that such issues be resolved and I get justice for all troubles caused by IFB to us as their customer.

Sriram Kannan
R A Puram, Chennai 600028, Tamil Nadu

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