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Damaged goods delivered by VRL Safe Home Packers

I booked my luggage with vrl safe home packers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore-24, to be moved from Bangalore to Kolkata on 7th June. After a lot of harrassment and series of calls with loads of slangs with Mr. Kxxxxxxp and his colleagues and drivers, when I received my luggage today on 23rd june it was “not packed and broken”!

PS: 1. they did an insurance of 1 lakh for my luggage and when I asked for policy no. They never mailed or texted me

2. Also in Bangalore they promised to keep the luggage in Kolkata godown for 7-10 days after reaching Kolkata for which today they were again charging some Rs. 2500 from me

Debosmita Chakraborty
Barrackpore, Kolkata -700120
Email: dxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com
23/06/2017 / 10:53 pm

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