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No Cashless Claim support from CIGNA TTK

I have been utterly disappointed by the services provided by Cigna TTK, I was not expecting this kind of No Response behaviour.

1. I was admitted in an emergency at Artemis Institute on 30th June 2017 in the morning time.
2. The hospital sent you an email for pre authorisation on the same date for approval of an Angiography test.
3. There was no response from CIGNA TTK whatsoever, except an acknowledgment of receiving the email. NO PRE AUTHORISATION Number was shared.
4. I was being released from the hospital on 1st of July 2017 in the morning around 11 AM.
5. Full and Final bill was sent to you by the Hospital by 12.30 PM
6. My husband, Naveen Gulati made a call 3-4 times to the helpline.
7. Helpline got connected after holding for more than 12-15 minutes
8. Helpline gave no response and kept saying that they cannot Help. (WHY DO THESE GUYS HAVE HELP LINES, IF THEY CANNOT HELP)
9. An email was sent to them.
10. No response was given to us for Cashless release
11. I had to pay to the hospital at 5 PM in the evening and get released from there.
12. Inspite of having CASHLESS medical claim from the company, I was forced to pay because of your NON RESPONSIVE support system.

I am absolutely peeved by the way CIGNA TTK treated me.

Naveen Gulati
Gurgaon 122018, Haryana

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