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Parcel tampered with by Fedex

I had ordered a Eurail pass for Euro 413.00 (INR 32,000) and the same was dispatched by Eurail to me by FedEx. The FedEx pouch on being delivered to me on 09 August 2017 was found to be tampered and had a brown packing tape to cover the place where the pouch had been cut open.

On opening the pouch, I found that instead of the Eurail pass, it contained the original educational degrees of a student of James Cook University, Singapore. I immediately raised the issue by email and Customer Care FedEx. I also contacted the James Cook University, and they confirmed that they had sent the certificates by FedEx to the student.

So, someone in FedEx has opened both the pouches, and kept the Eurail pass. However, by msitake he has put the James Cook University certificates in my pouch and the empty cover in the other pouch. He has then put brown packing tape on both the pouches.

I also obtained the detials of the student from James Cook University and contacted him. He confirmed that he was expecting his original certificates by FedEx and gave me the consignment tracking number of his pouch, ie, 809865406876. After a lot of emails and Customer Care calls, the other pouch was brought by a FedEx executive to me on 12 August 2017, and it had the same tampered condition with brown packing tape on it. I opened the pouch in front of the FedEx executive and showed him that it was empty. He agreed and seemingly updated it in his system, and took the pouch back with him.

However, FedEx online tracking shows both consignments correctly delivered, however, none of them have been actually delivered. This has caused a huge loss of time, and money, tyo both me and the other consignee.

Nidhish Bhatnagar
NGEF Layout, Indiranagar Post

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