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Regarding items missing and damaged by DSR Logistics

we have already lodged a complained about a logistics company called DSR Logistics Pvt Ltd. Our goods got delayed almost a month and we had literally suffered in living in a new city. When we got our items finally after a month we thought the issue has been solved for ever, but it was not! 2 of our cartons are missing and our new dining table & computer table got fully broken. Also our sofa set got damaged. When we addressed this issue to them, one person who claimed to be a legal officer asked ‘why did we post a complaint against them’. they insisted us to withdraw the complaint which we denied. When we inquired about the claim amount and the missing products they informed us that ‘Do not expect that you will get your goods back’!!! How can somebody talk like that. Friends, please DO NOT take service from them. They are hopeless. They do not have professionalism and they do not know how to talk to customers. You will literally loose your temper talking these people.

Rem P
Kolkata 700014, West Bengal
16/05/2017 / 11:41 am

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