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Telenor making deductions without consent

Telenor themselves activated a service LOVKDISPN on my number (without my consent) and deducted money Rs 30/- for two consecutive months. I called up customer care to enquire & asked for refund. They said you should have deactivated within 24 hours, only then we would be able to refund. As I was calling the after 24 hours, I simply asked them to deactivate. I was told that service is deactivated now. This happened in August 2017.
Today (13sep 2017) again my phone balance is dedicated for same service (they deducted Rs 20/- as balance was only 25/-). How is this possible when after deactivation? When I called customer care they said , we can’t refund.

My questions are-
1. How can a company activate a service without my consent and deduct money?
2. Even after deactivation, how can they again deduct money?
3. This time I called up within few hours only, what happened to their 24 hours refund policy now?

They are simply minting money by making their own policies and looting people. I wrote them emails multiple times and on Twitter, there is no response from them.
I need my deducted money back and also compensation from them for mental harassment they caused. Could you please look in to the matter?

Many thanks.

Madhu Bala
Rishikesh, Virbhadra 249202, Uttarakhand

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