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Apple refusing access to paid application

Purchased Application with full payment as per policy of Apple Inc. Then without notifying me SBI of Ganges Garden blocked transactions on foreign funds for not to disclose to anybody. On enquiry I was allowed to apply for another card with same facilities to be issued, I already applied and the process have started. But since at present that Debit Card details will mean cheating the Apple I removed the details from my details of Apple ID. Apple Inc without showing any reason or reminder or official correspondence erased my MacBook Pro where those applications were. . Now despite providing details to Apple the refuses to allow my paid application to be used , by redirecting that my Debit Card information is removed, that to by me . Now since Apple Inc accepted payment and that means I am allowed to access those paid application, erasing MacBook without notice or intimation or allowing me to clarify why such details have been removed is violation of human rights of a person who as per policy paid , Apple on its behalf accepted it but at the same time erasing all application is cheating, fraudulent activity of multinational which with its organizational power will undermine my case and continue building Apple products in India . All details could be availed from SBI records about payment through Master Card issued by SBI . Since disclosing account numbers and related MasterCard details will be easier for misuse of electronic methods of payment, I will definitely disclose all details against a concerned authority or SBI will provide details of transactions where Apple charged payment and provided the payment was received will be available from SBI, branch Ganges Garden.

Kaustubh Lal Mukherjee
Howrah, Shibpur 711102, West Bengal

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