Complaint regarding DTDC packers and movers

Complaint regarding DTDC packers and movers

I had sent my household goods and car through DTDC Movers and Packers from Faridabad, Haryana to Goa for shifting purposes. This was done on the 29th of April, 2021 with the estimated time of delivery being 7-10 days. Given the lockdown situation due to the pandemic I had expected a possible delay. During this time however, the company and all numbers on the website stopped responding to messages and started declining my calls. The numbers remained switched off for long periods of time and the very very few times I was able to connect with them, they gave me rubbish answers bearing no responsibility. The transport of goods was probably then outsourced to someone else and after trying to find various contacts and connected with them. This continued for several days and I had to contact various middlemen. DTDC took no responsibility and continued to decline my calls. My car was delivered to me on the 14th of May, 2021 with its seats extremely dirty and stained. The mental trauma we went through to get our own car, from contact various people with no definite answer to begging the driver to come and give our very own car. Post this, the struggle continued for the household goods. We contacted several people and found that our goods were with that of two-three other parties. The truck had an oil spill due to which a lot of the stuff was damaged and several items were broken due to being thrown around. The goods arrived in Goa on the 21st of May, 2021 but we were not given our goods. On the 23rd of May, 2021 we had to take another truck and get some labour, for which we paid another ?20000 from our own pocket. The company failed to deliver the goods to destination and unpack it as is promised in the contract. We went through extreme mental harassment for the 25 days that our goods were in transit and received no response whatsoever. We paid ?89000 to the company for the entire contract but the mental agony and the physical damage to our goods is beyond any amount.

Panaji 403004, Goa

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