Complaint regarding Online telegram part time job fraud scam

Complaint regarding Online telegram part time job fraud scam

I got trapped into the crypto scam where I have lost the money and initially they told if I invest, I will get more return but after investing and I got into the scam where I lost my money. On February 25th 2024 I was invited into a telegram group Coindcx by a number. Approximately 40 members were active in the group. The group administrator claimed that it offered part time job opportunities with daily rewards and instructed members to contact a whatsup number.
After a while, several group members shared bank messages,suggesting that they had received money after completing tasks.Trusting these claims ,subsequently I was directed to contact a person on telegram. Initially I transferred amount of 1000 as a part of beginners task. I received a call and from telegram saying it a part time job where I can work in partime and I was applied for it and I have invested money in the coindcx exchange,and now once I invested, they are telling you cannot withdraw the amount and I am totally helpless, please can you take necessary action and then help in identify the culprits and help me in return my money back as these fraudesters are very dangerous and they are not picking my call and they are not providing the proper answer, So please I request you to take necessary action. It was a coindcx link which I have received for earning in part time job and I have asked to deposit money to these people in account It is a telegram coindcx channel where they are putting a link where we have give reviews and once it is reviewed we are paid cash for it. But once we invest these people are not taken any action to withdraw money and they are threatening to invest more to withdraw. So please help in providing assistance.
Chennai 600128, Tamil Nadu

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