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Complaint regarding order placed with the comic store website

I ordered one wall clock online on 25th december 2020 for 2499 rs. i contacted them after 3 weeks and they replied that it can take 15-20 business days which comes to approx one month so i waited for 1 month. Then i again messaged them and they replied that it is in cutting stage with no fix date of shipment. and this reply was exactly 35 days from the day i booked which is way above the policy they mentioned to me earlier. Then i again messaged them few days later on 2nd february and they are like it will be shipped by the end of that month which is 65 days from when i booked. i cant wrap my head around the fact that for a product worth 2499 rs why they have delayed my product for so long. i waited i waited and i waited till the end of february but i did not got my product so i whatsapped them from my other number as they blocked me on my previous number for me getting angry and asking for refund which was to no avail as they just ignored my refund thing altogether. i again messaged them on 8th march and they replied that it is in cutting stage. i am so frustrated with such people that they are just playing with your emotions. please compensate me 30-40 thousand for such act of cruelty against their clients. you can check their google reviews and every single customer is crying and abusing the comic store for their unlawful tactics…i will donate entire money to whichsoever charity you say but i want to teach them a lesson so no other person suffers from the waiting which i did. the address of the comic store is mentioned on their website. i am not able to upload all the screenshot of the chat i had with them so kindly give me a way to prove all of them right.

civil lines road, Godhra 389001, Gujarat


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    • Anuja Naik on 16/06/2021 at 9:36 am

    Same has occurred with me it’s been over 4 months and no parcel yet.

    • Shubham CHAWLA on 21/07/2021 at 7:33 pm

    I am facing the same issue with Comic store. There should be a police complaint against them and a strict action must be taken.

  1. Happened to me also, no reply from them it’s been 4 months they just suck up all my money and stopped responding. Their Instagram account looks fake which is the only credible source. They don’t have a customer care number also just a WA number they do not respond after getting your money.

  2. Same with me. l paid rs 3,499/- on
    02-feb-2021 for a wall clock. they have neither delivered it nor refunded my money. i have tried to reach out to them through all possible way, but they do not respond.
    they are real cheat, should be exposed to stop others from getting cheated.

    • Maria on 01/10/2021 at 8:21 pm

    I fell in this trap too.I can’t believe so many people were scammed and the site hasn’t been taken down till now.

    • Rahul on 08/04/2022 at 8:03 pm

    I have ordered for 10000 they are not replying can I get the contact number of them

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