Complaint regarding servicing of CPU by Unglitch Services
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Complaint regarding servicing of CPU by Unglitch Services

This is regarding UNGLITCH Service center Panjim GOA towards failing to repair our DELL CPU on given time.

We have approached UNGLITCH SERVICE CENTER on 21st September 2022 for repair of our DELL CPU as it has stopped working. On diagnosis at their service center , we were told that there is a problem with the SMPS as the PC was working fine with other working SMPS, so we need to replace the same . We were asked to pay an amount of Rs.1500/- as system check up fees. Time given for the system to get ready was 1 – 2 weeks . After waiting for 20 days , on October 8 we received mail that our system is perfectly fine and is ready for delivery. So , I have to pay for the SMPS bill of 4500 which was discussed earlier .

My Husband went to their office on October 10 to collect the CPU , they made him wait for 3 hours and later told us that the CPU is not working . The staff told us that 2 days before it was working in perfect condition . When he asked how it was not working now when it was ok 2 days ago they didn’t have any clue .

They said that their senior engineer will check it again .Again after waiting for 1 hour their staff said we have to visit again someday to pick up the CPU in working condition , which was not a professional approach . As we come from a different city .)we have to travel a long way to pick up our CPU ( fuel charges & time consuming ) . So after this episode we still agreed to come on a different date to pick up our working condition CPU . That time itself my husband cleared with their staff that , don’t try to trick us into paying more money for other parts like the processor , motherboard, ram , chip set or any other part when we come back to receive our CPU since it’s clearly evident that the issue was with only SMPS . Finally they agreed for the same . Later my husband spoke to their service engineer on the phone 2 times . He too had agreed for the same , that there will be no additional charges and they will deliver the CPU in 7 working days .

After again waiting for a week they asked to wait for 3 to 4 weeks more for some other work which was bcoz of their negligence . We refused to accept it as it was taking too much time , and we were also facing a lot of problems in handling our stocks and billings for our business without the system.

So we asked for a temporary CPU replacement till then our own system was ready as we were facing losses in business but for wich they didint agree

Now , it has been more than a month . We received a call from their service engineer that there is a problem with the motherboard and we have to replace and pay for the same. for which we did not agree. as they use this trick to the customers to pay extra for more parts. we have clearly mentioned this to them that there was a fault in SMPS which they have diagnosed and we will pay for the same .

Now ,after numerous follow ups they finally agreed to replace the motherboard FOC but now they are delaying it for the last 45 days.

Sir, due to so much delay we have incurred losses in our bussiness and also mental torture for follwing up so long. As compensation we demand a brand new PC with warranty and also compensation of Rupees Eighty Thousand as losses incurred due to non availability of system on time . They have failed terribly to deliver the services on time and have wasted so much time.

We have attached all communication done via email and also the Invoice copy of the SMPS sent by them .

Request you to take strict measures against the said party.

Ponda 403401, Goa

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