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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Fraud sales on Instagram

On 9th Aug I placed an order for a belt and wallet combo from a seller named f_a_s_h_i_o_n_h_o_l_i_c in Instagram through the seller WhatsApp number +91 96xxxxxxx7. The amount was transferred to his bank account right then his account name Bxxxxt Jxxxxl, account number 914xxxxxxxxxxxx1 Axis Bank. The next day he says the wallet is not in stock so I asked him for a refund. As soon as I told him to refund he told me he’ll ask around and try his best to send me products next day and I agreed (as I am also a businesswoman) I gave him the benefit of doubt. On 12th Aug he shares the tracking ID and told me the products are in two different packages. But till today that is 22nd Aug he still haven’t shared the other tracking ID and he hasn’t even dispatched the other product at all and in between he kept telling me that the courier person didn’t update him the tracking ID. In truth which they told me on Saturday they didn’t have the product so in short all this time they have lied to me and wasted my time as well as money. It’s a complete mental abuse as well as e-commerce fraud. By they I mean he shared one of his senior/supplier number. They both lied everyone I spoke to them, I have been very understanding towards them and have given them many days/opportunities to resolve my issue but they think they are untouchable since I live in a different city.

Please look into this matter and guide me how to process this. It’s not only about me getting my refund but it’s more to do with online security and punish those who are taking advantage of this platform. I on behalf of many others which I’m sure dozens of people have been cheated by this kind of fraudsters. Hence I want to make sure that they don’t get away with this. So kindly guide me what process to go through to get justice on this issue.

Sarju Tayenjam
Keishamthong, Imphal 795001, Manipur

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