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Fraud sales through Facebook

My complaint is against BestBuy Ltd. Below is the brief description of their activity. I started talking on facebook with a person named “Mxxxxd Mxxxxxxk” from USA as he said. He said that he is a sales manager at bestbuy ltd. Now he told me about the products like apple iphone x and apple macbook.
Now I am interested in these products so that is why I asked about price and description Now finally I settle a deal for 45000INR for the delivery of both iphone x and apple macbook pro. Now first he asked me to pay 5000INR for shipment that first I refused but he told me that without that he can not do anything for delivery. Then I paid 5000INR at that time. After that after 5 hours he said that USA custom hold my goods so I need to pay 1000INR because their coworker mispackage the goods with extra goods amounting in lakhs. Then I refused then he said that you need to show import and export license. Then I asked to my company(QSS) for iec then they given to me. Then he said license is not okay, the custom can only sattle down with money that is 10000INR. Then after one day I agree and given 10000INR. Then they said you need to pay 50000INR for product delivery as the goods are too much travelling to you. The I refused and settle them with 30000INR. Now Mxxxk CEO whatsapp me and said your goods are hold by Dubai custom and you need to pay more money to get your goods. He asked me to pay around 1 lakh. I instantly denied them.Then Mxxxxk sent me a message that we can settle the deal in 30000INR rest will be paid by BESTBUY LTD. Then I paid 30000INR more. Now I have given 75000INR to BESTBUY LTD.

I know that these scammers are in delhi. Please help me to get my money back

Please help me to get my money back.

Vishal Thapa
Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh

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