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LG TV defective from Day 1

I purchased this LG TV (Model No 55LH600T) from Khosla Electronics, BeckBagan, Kolkata. When the TV is put on it starts well but after sometime it just goes blank screen. Repeated complaints to dealer and manufacturer yielded temporary reply. LG personnel came to our residence and after a long diagnosis of the Television set, service personnel stated that TV was faulty and was within the onus of the Company to replace the same. Here started the ordeal, repeated grievance reporting did not yield any redressal and since the last SMS communication from the LG back end team nothing has been done from the company’s end. I am fed up with the customer services of LG taking in my complaints and not doing anything. A new Television has taken out a huge resource out of my pocket and a faulty TV is simply adding to the family trauma. We are not in a position to buy another TV set right now. Request LG to heed to our grievance right away and replace our TV since it is only 5 months and the TV has been malfunctioning since early days. LG should do something right away, if they do not replace then I will be left with no other option but knock on the Consumer Redressal Courts for 100% money return and other costs of legalities and harassment. Hoping to experience a better sense of quality and consumer services from LG.

Nazia Khan
Kustia Road, Kolkata 700039, West Bengal
Email: bxxxxxx6@gmail.com

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