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Overcharged bill by Idea for conversion from Postpaid to Prepaid

I have been using Idea Postpaid connection for over 6 years now. My last plan was the Unlimited 349 plan. I switched from Postpaid to Prepaid this month as the benefits of the Prepaid were far better than the restrictions on the Postpaid connections. Here is what prompted me to switch:

1. Postpaid costumers have to pay for Roaming outgoing calls, while Prepaid consumers get it for free.
2. Postpaid connection gave me 4 GB data for the whole month, while the prepaid plan comes with 1 GB daily data.
3. International Roaming was charged featured along with a security deposit for Postpaid, where as it was a given service for Prepaid.
4. Flexibility to switch to any plan at any given time for Prepaid as opposed to the restrictions on Postpaid. I remember that I was paying over 500 rupees a month, even after Idea had revised their postpaid plans and there was no communication. Only when I chose the option of MNP did a customer service agent call and offer the 349 plan. Prepaid is far more flexible that way.

Here comes my complaint now. When I visited the Idea showroom on December 15th, I was told that it takes 5 days to migrate from Postpaid to Prepaid and since my billing cycle was on the 19th, there wasn’t enough time. The Unlimited 349 plan does not have any prorata charges and that I will be charged for a full month even if I use it for a day. So, I was advised to come in January much earlier to ensure that I don’t have to go through this.

In January, I go again to get it migrated, much earlier and went through the entire process to get it migrated, all the while prepared for the full month charges, though I hadn’t used it for the whole month. Now I receive a bill that prorates the charges and all and the total bill amount is Rs. 910.37 as opposed to the expected amount of about Rs. 400 for the whole month.

This is gross injustice and amounts to cheating the customer with such lack of transparency and overcharging on any given instance. I had a security deposit of Rs 2,000, which was required to activate international roaming (Another inconvenience of postpaid) and now the bill amount is adjusted against that deposit.

I would like the bill amount to be adjusted accordingly, where the whole month charges are deducted without proration and the balance amount from the security deposit refunded immediately. Account No: 100012722024

Srikaran Kanchi Kandadai
Yapral, Hyderabad 500087, Telangana
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com

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