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Poor broadband speed from MTNL, no support

We have taken a connection of 8mbps with unlimited data from MTNL delhi. From last one moneth we are receiving only 1mbps. I have raised complaint several times but issue is not been resolved. I contacted Rxxxt first the person who reolve speed issue, but later he stopped answering the call. Somehow got the hold of his senior number even he couldnt resolve the issue. Distance from telephone exchange is 200 meters ONLY. We are paying 4601 rupees per month so that we can receive good internet connection from Government of India, But it seems that we are nt getting service what we are paying for. Attaching the complaint which we have raised from MTNL app. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful. Following are the details of the MTNL connection

Seemant Deshwal
Swaroop Nagar, New Delhi 110042
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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