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Regarding IREO Project – The Corridor

I’ve applied to book a flat with the Builder on dated 02/02/2013 and the builder accepted the application form. The Builder changed Basic rate from Rs8750 to Rs9200 per sq. ft. It has made my signature on the form. Hence, it’s not giving it’s scanned copy to me and used price escalation norms in BBA. The builder launched the project without getting approval for entire land, Intimation of Disapproval ( IOD) and commencement Certificate (CC) from DTCP as on dated 02/02/2013. Hence the Receipt of Booking Application is illegal. I sent Legal Notice to all four partners as per BBA. No recipient had accepted the Legal Notice. But, I’ve all evidences. I compliant against the builder on 27/06/2015 at EOW(E), Gurgaon as a Party of Case#561/14 so filed by Mr Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx, a victim of the same case. But, Mr Rxxxx Sxxxxxx had settled the matter with the builder out of court later. I, therefore, request you to please resolve the issue peacefully and amicably out of court. Please help me to return back my hard cash money of Rs40,00623 with an interest of 10% p.a.
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29/05/2017 / 11:18 pm

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