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Regarding refund from Wellness Touristik

?I booked a package tour for 4 members of my family for the period between 24.12.2017 and 29.12.2017 for a consideration of . The Entire amount was paid.

As per the itinerary, M/s wellness Touristik were to provide house boat on 27.12.2017. However, While I was in Thekkady, on 26.12.2017 house boat stay was deferred to 29.12.2017 instead of 27.12.2017 originally planned. I was told to make my own arrangement for 27.12.2017 (Original houseboat) and houseboat shall be provided on 29.12.2017. However, I was informed on 28.12.2017 that they cannot make arrangement for houseboat next day as promised. However, They shall refund an amount 14500/- to compensate for not providing the house boat. I had no option but agree. They advised me over phone to send my bank details so that they can arrange refund. This discussion took place on 28.12.2017. I advised the tour operator that I shall send the bank details after my reaching my place, which I did.

There after I am constantly following with the agency. Every time they advised that money shall be refunded for sure. This continued for 3 months. But now they have advised that money cannot be refunded. I have recorded conversation dated 28.12.2017, wherein travel agency has clearly advised that they shall be refunding Rs 14500/-. During the
discussion they even advised that they shall send a mail to this extend and are advising me to send bank details for arranging details. During various discussions they always assured that they are committed to refund. The latest recorded conversation dated 19.02.2017 sri Dxxxxk of the agency has again confirmed that they shall refund for sure. But now they have told that they cannot refund as the houseboat people have not paid them.

My contract was with M/s wellness touristic and not connected in any way with their contract with house boat people. During this entire period I made various calls and every time they assured me to pay. 2 recorded conversation dated 28.12.2017 and 19.02.2018 are attached.
Request you to please prevail upon the travel agent to refund my amount with Rs 5000/- as damages without further delay.

Hari prakash
Koramangla, Bangaluru 560095, Karnataka

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