Regarding services from Toothsi / AMPA Orthodontics
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Regarding services from Toothsi / AMPA Orthodontics

1. Though they claim to have a panel of accredited orthodontic professionals, they have not provided a dedicated orthodontist to track and advise on my treatment plan  even after 5 months of requesting
2. They are faking their advertising
3. They used a substandard material to put attachments on my teeth with chipped and stained, and refused to replace them for free.
4. The first in-clinic appointment was harrowing, and the in-house dentist did not seem to be qualified to be providing orthodontic treatment which requires a separate set of credentials altogether.
5. The dentist did a botched job with the IPR and attachments which had to be rectified in less than 1 week later at a follow-up appointment.

Mumbai 400052, Maharashtra

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