Regarding services from Vakil Search with wrong spelling

Regarding services from Vakil Search with wrong spelling

I had started the process of registering a company with Vakil Search on the 5th of October. According to their adivse, I had named my company. They registered the company as Captial (Capital has been spelt wrong). I pointed it out to them  on the 15/12/2020 and they said that it would cost 3000 to rectify the problem. I agreed and made the payment on 21/12/2020. This request was not picked up until the 8/2/2021. They dragged their feet and still have not completed the process. I have escalated to every possible level, but it makes not difference to them. I cannot open a bank account, and therefore was not soliciting business without a bank account. Now, without a bank account I cannot do a GST registration, and am liable to pay a fine.

They are just not bothered. I want to be compensated for my losses

Bangalore 560043, Karnataka

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