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Unfair demand from Uber for paid trip

I have booked uber on 30th December early morning 2.42 am. I have kept my credit card for payment mode. When I was booking the ride the message appeared that my credit card expired. Hence I have to chose different payment mode. I changed to cash. After my ride driver asked 340 in cash which I paid because I have changed payment mode. But later I saw that there is outstanding of 339 rs. On my credit card for the same trip.
I have written 10-12 mails but every time uber Support Team is mentioning it’s my fault and why I paid in cash. They have kept rs. 339 outstanding against my credit card and asking me to pay. I can not book any ride as they want me to clear that outstanding amount.
I have paid amount in cash to driver. But uber Support seems no use and looks like harassing the customer.

I do not know whether this is right forum. But they are cheating me and I am getting lot of inconvenience due to this. Hence need help and raise my complain against uber. I have already paid money in cash to driver.

Vijay Aggarwal
Baner mahalunge road, Pune 411045, Maharashtra
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxl@sanghvibrands.com

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