Vendor not replacing Surya 60W bulb in warranty period

Vendor not replacing Surya 60W bulb in warranty period

I have purchased the Surya bulb 60 W from a local electrical shopkeeper jai in my locality, Ulhasnagar, 421005. And the bulb is still in its warranty period till 14/10/2022, and now the bulb is not working properly.

I have given the bulb 60 W to the shopkeeper and he is saying that the company has now made it 1 year so we cannot exchange it, but when I purchased the bulb it was a 2-year warranty, which is also mentioned on the bulb.

If the company has changed its policies, so it’s not our fault, as a customer we have trusted Surya products, and if we are facing a problem with their product and if they are not helping us within the warranty period mentioned, then we as a customer are being fooled I guess.

And that is a very bad impression created about Surya company in our minds. Next time we have to be careful in purchasing your products.

Kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Awaiting for the reply.

Ulhasnagar 421005, Maharashtra

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