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Bata shoes damaged within 3.5 months

I purchased the bata shoes from bata store situated at Vijay chowk, nirman vihar, delhi on 21/05/2017. The pasting of the shoes got loose and the sole and the upper became separate in the first week of September i.e.within 3.5 months of purchase. When I went to the aforesaid bata store, they told me that they will only do pasting, shoes will not be replaced. After pasting, shoes were again damaged within next 1 month. I made a complaint against the product (complaint no. CRF980734, Article no. 821-6103). The reply I received was that I should visit the same store for the problem. When I visited the store, they allowed me 50% of my shoes value when I purchase the new shoes from the store. Only 50% value even when goods are damaged within 4 months ?? And this is also not refund. Why would I purchase the Bata shoes again when I am still cursing myself for my earlier decision of purchase of Bata shoes. No refund, no replacements and only 50% value considered in purchase of new bata shoes. This is completely irrational behaviour from Bata store.

Umesh Goel
Shakarpur, New Delhi 110092

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