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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

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Fraud part-time job offer and demand for money

I have received a message from whats app we are hiring full time part time staff salary is 2000-16000rs. The more task you do, the more you get paid. The job content is to help the online store complete the order sales. after the store order is completed your principle is returned. and commission is …

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Complaint regarding job fraud and money lost

I have received a call of a job offer in airlines on behalf of Vistara airlines with name person Rxxxxxa for ground staff for salary offering 25k to 35k on date 21st Sep 2022. They asked resume and I send it on the above mail id, after checking the resume they asked for form fees …

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Cheated in the name of registration fee by placement company

I uploaded my resume in Talent.com to search for jobs and applied for one job too on 11th September 2022. (It was work from home ) however, I didn’t get any reply but on 16th I got a call from a lady called Dxxxxxa , saying that she is calling from placement.com , and my …

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Complaint regarding fraud data entry job from Prima Data Info

Data Entry Fraud – Prima Data Info Value: 18000 Issue – I contacted for a data entry job where they said I don’t have to pay any fees. And so I went ahead with my project with was to type 75 pages within 2-3 days and get 18000 in hand. I finished the project within …

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Complaint regarding job offers, money demand from JSIDATA

They gave me work for 6 days. Told me to complete my work with 90% accuracy. I rechecked every form before submitting it. And I am sure that I did my work properly. Now they are saying that I failed for payment by only 10 forms, and they told me to correct my mistakes by …

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Complaint regarding fraud data entry job offers

I received a communication on whatsapp for a data-entry job. They made me sign an agreement that if my work accuracy is below 85%, I will be charged money. Even though I clealry mentioned that I do not agree to that line while signing the agreement. Post work completion, I got a call from someone …

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Regarding money lost on Fake job placement offers

Charging money from innocent student in name of job placements. Value: 4000 Fake job placement. First they say they are giving salary 18k in hand to freshers. but First of all they demand ? 2000 for salary account opening and background verification charges. If u paid the money ur selection has been done. And give …

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