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Complaint regarding fake freelancer typing work

Scam with me on freelancer typing work. Sir I am a freelancer New user then i am conform bid then come to one massage on my inbox you are selected and given a Whatsapp no.+91xxxxxxxx0 this . I am chatting with this no. And his number send me project and project fee is Rs 500 …

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Complaint regarding Data Entry Job Fraud

I created an account with digirms.com for data entry job. As per their website, first 1 activate captcha plan for one month and earned Rs 500. As per their website, we can withdraw once the balance reaches Rs.500 for captcha job . I processed the withdrawal of Rs.500 on December 17 and as per the website …

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Complaint regarding data entry fraud jobs

Sir, I had received a call from ebook typing experts company for data entry job company thearted me in tha name of aggreement and 90percent accuracy demand  registration amount for the terminat aggreement and also blackmail for court case please help me .7xxxxxxx6 this is the gpay number of the company in this gpay account …

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Complaint regarding data entry job from techwork solutions

i got a message in whatsapp from techwork solutions company and they told about data entry job and said if you complete 600 forms in 5 days we will pay 16800 and the registration amount is 6500 which is deducted in total amount . there was a agreement they told me to sign and after …

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Complaint regarding fraud data entry job offers

Sir i got a msg from quickr that i am selected for part time job in which i have to write 50 pages and i will get 8000.they asked me to send the registration fees 550 in which they will sign the bond which i deposited and then after giving the assignment they asked 1850 …

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Regarding job offers from Datasol Suntech solutions

I  worked for a company named Datasol Suntech solutions. They  gave me a project where I needed to finish 700 forms in 7 days which I agreed to and due to some condition they took 9700 rs as penalty charges from me which they told that they will refund me this amount with my payment …

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Complaint regarding online form filling job

I join transparentworkservice.in and  this company work is form filling , and 17500 salary in 6 days. But company’s form is very tough, so I contacted to (9xxxxxxx6) this person, and  I told his ,I am not filling this form entry,and I am not interested for your work, and now his person say me , …

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